Commercial Cleaning Services San Antonio

Commercial Cleaning Services San Antonio

We have been professionally cleaning offices and carpets for many years. Commercial cleaning is usually done evenings, weekends or through the night or whenever the property is empty of staff or visitors. We are able to fit in with you and complete the work whenever suits you best.

We have been fully trained in all aspects of commercial cleaning and have cleaned literally miles and miles of it over the years.

We clean commercial carpet in offices, schools, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, hotels, guest houses, nurseries, play centers, doctors clinics/offices, dental offices, function rooms etc. In fact if you name a commercial property type, we have probably cleaned carpet in at least one.

Commercial carpet cleaning is best done when the property is empty or when as few people around as possible, this is because we use high powered equipment which can be quite noisy and to reduce slip or trip hazards. We will always put out wet floor signs and cones to warn anyone in the building that the carpets maybe damp and a possible slip risk.

Commercial carpet cleaning differs depending on business and carpet type. You normally find hard wearing nylon carpet or carpet tiles in an office, school, play center, dental and doctors surgeries etc. Whereas you will find wool carpets in a pub or hotel. Different carpet types require different cleaning methods and chemicals.

We are able to remove most spots and stains and can also remove chewing gum without damaging the carpet. Common stains on commercial carpet are tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, ink, toner to name but a few. We have also had to remove some unusual stains from commercial carpet such as ketchup, brown sauce, curry, burger relish, chocolate and lily pollen.

For office carpet cleaning its normally the walkways (traffic lanes) and under desks that get the dirtiest. Swirl marks from chair coasters under desks are also a common problem. These problems are normally pretty easy to rectify using correct methods, equipment and chemicals.

With pub and restaurant carpets they normally get dirty around the bar and where waiting staff go to and from the kitchen. Quite often if the carpet hasn’t been cleaned for a while the dirt and grease build up will go hard and is referred to as black top. Black top can be removed using the correct methods.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is for the following: school carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning, pub carpet cleaning, night club carpet cleaning, restaurant carpet cleaning, wine bar carpet cleaning, function room carpet cleaning, hotel carpet cleaning to name but a few.

For a free no-obligation quote for commercial carpet cleaning please contact us.

We offer a professional commercial cleaning service.

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Are you in Need of Reliable Pest Extermination Services?

Are you in Need of Reliable Pest Extermination Services?

Our pest extermination services can be described as an utmost necessity for people these days. People are bound to be struggling with the problem of stubborn pests in one way or another. People will surely agree that pests can be a real nuisance and makes our homes less pleasant to dwell in. It’d be good though if being a nuisance sums up everything that stubborn pests are capable of which is unfortunately not the case. Many types of pest can be outright destructive and dangerous which makes effective our pest control solutions all the more important. For one thing, cockroaches are known to spread dysentery and other serious diseases while termites can literally chew through the wooden foundations of your property over time. Good and reliable service providers for pest control solutions can certainly help you deal with all that!

Hiring our Texas Pest Extermination Services
Indeed our pest control service providers can prove invaluable in protecting your property and your loved ones from the threat of stubborn pests. However, one should be wary about approaching the services of any pest extermination service providers. Naturally, you would want to steer clear of pest controllers who seem more concerned about getting paid instead of sufficiently addressing your pest control problems. What are some of the things one ought to look out for in their choice of pest control service providers? This is probably one of the important questions you have in mind right now.

First off, you have to take a look at experience and reputation in your choice of pest control service companies. An experienced and reputable Pest Control Service professional is after all less likely to disappoint you in terms of results. You may also want to check out feed backs and reviews about your potential pest extermination service provider online. It typically does not take more than a simple keyword search using your favored search engine to check out what people are saying about the services of a particular pest control provider.

Last but not least, reputable and quality pest control service providers like us have no qualms about fully guaranteeing effective and satisfying results with their services. It certainly would be in your best interest to opt for our pest extermination services of such caliber to make sure that you see an end to your pest control problems.

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Plano Resident Pens First Fantasy Novel

For a number of years, authors Nathan Palmer, Jordan Benoit, and Vincent Hobbes knew they were all avid writers but never expected to collaborate to write a novel while working together at a restaurant in The Colony.

“We started talking about a story line that started as a joke and ended up pretty serious,” said Hobbes.

That joke became Legends in Time, a fantasy series combining unique races and a falling empire with political, social, and other real world issues. The books, they explained, contain a modern story set in an ancient world

Part of the reason why they started writing together, said Benoit, a Plano resident, stemmed from their appearance. The three looked somewhat alike, sporting long hair and beards.

“We called ourselves the Barbarian Warlords,” Palmer joked.

The three released their first book in the series, The Contrived Senator, in December 2007. This book, which took a year to write, introduces the reader to the world and the characters, developing the journey the protagonist must make to save his empire.

The second book, Exiles, is set to release late this summer and took only three months to complete. The third book, they hope, will be released this December.

Palmer, Benoit, and Hobbes are working on the third and fourth books. Their fast turnover rate, they said, is because they already know where they want the plot to go, filling in details in between.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves,” said Benoit about the complexity of the story.

Although the series started out as all one book, there were too many angles, he said, that they had to cover.

According to Palmer, some of the first pieces he had written will not appear until book five or six. Many good ideas, he said, are often left to “marinate” before they can be used, because they fit into later plotlines.

“Quite often, the story tells itself,” said Hobbes.

The series, which has appealed to readers from middle school up to 95 years old, has been successful outside of the fantasy genre. The success, they said, is from the fast pace and universal themes.

“It really is just a good story, whether you’re into fantasy or not,” said Benoit.

Action, romance, and an intense plot, Hobbes said, make this series enjoyable for all readers. In addition, many fantasy novels are thick and bulky, while each book in the series is just over 200 pages.

“One thing we pride ourselves on is that it’s a book that reads like a movie,” he said. “It gets you from point A to point B.”

To create the story line, the three brainstorm ideas together, often adding something on to the story before passing it on to the next person. Although having three minds work together involves “a lot of compromising,” the end product, according to Benoit, is something everyone is happy with.

“It is truly a writing style of the three of us combined,” said Hobbes.

Many of the characters, creatures, and settings have Latin roots, while Roman and Egyptian themes run through the books. Benoit, who is a history buff, did much of the research. The world they have created, according to Palmer, “is an amazing place.”

“We want to make reading cool again,” he said.

For more information about the series or the authors, visit, where they have pages for each of the characters.

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