Plumbing Services: How To Take Care Of Plumbing Leaks

Advice for Plumbing Leaks

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There are household plumbing emergencies that happen at times when you cannot find a plumber to help you. Leaks are quite easy to control and stop temporarily until the plumber arrives. Simple and common sense tips can apply when you have plumbing emergencies. This article will help you to control leaks temporarily.Dripping faucet - plumbing leaks

The first thing that you can do is to turn off the main water valve to stop the leak of water. This will depend on how strong the leak is since you can decide to close the main water valve or just the valve under the sink. This will enable you to have access to water while stopping the leak on the problematic pipe. If you have water valves in each of your faucets, you can turn off only the affected faucet’s valve.

What if you don’t have valves for each faucet? Epoxy can be applied to the leaks that you can see. The main water valve should be turned off and then let dry before applying the epoxy to the affected area. You should dry the area thoroughly with a towel and apply epoxy to cover the leaks. Let dry and turn on the main water valve once thoroughly dried.

Electrical tape and duct tape are also both good for temporary use. If you have a big crack, you can use a pipe clamp. What you do is to get a piece of tire rubber and cut it to fit around the area of the crack in the pipe. The C clamp can be utilized to hold the rubber in place.

Remember that these are only temporary solutions and you still need to have it fixed by a plumber. Calling a plumber before trying any of these things should be the number one step you should do. It is still best that you have professional plumbers working on your plumbing problems.

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